Building Science Specialist (BSS)

The BSS® (Building Science Specialist) designation recognizes those who meet the strict educational and practical requirements set forth by the Building Science Specialist Board of Canada (BSSB). 

This designation has become the benchmark qualification of Building Science practitioners and provides members of the industry, including building designers, specifiers, developers, contractors, and owners, the confidence that any designation holder has a high level of education and understanding in the field of Building Science as deemed by the BSS Advisory Committee, composed of key industry figures.

OBEC, together with the other Canadian BECs, launched the Building Science Specialist Board of Canada (BSSB) in November 2018. The BSSB administers the entire process leading to the granting of the Building Science Specialist designation, including offering the exams and working with universities/colleges to design and update courses.  It is also responsible for granting the designation and recertifying its holders.

The BSSB also promotes the BSS® (Building Science Specialist) designation across the country, leading to greater prestige for holders of the BSSB, and giving the designation increased authority. 

For complete Information, please visit the website of the Building Science Specialist Board of Canada (BSSB).

Video Testimonials on Becoming a BSS

Why did you choose to become a BSSB?
How has the accreditation process prepared you to become a BSSB?
What benefits do you feel a BSSB brings to each project?