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ASTM & National Institute of Building Sciences
Workshop on Building Science Education in North America

Sunday, April 6, 2014

GreenPrint 2013 - Green Technology Seminar

November 14, 2012
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GreenPrint 2012 - Green Technology Seminar

November 2, 2011
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Greenprint 2011 - Combined with EIFS Standards Seminar

October 28 - 29, 2010
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Greenprint 2010 - Green technology Seminar

November 12, 2009
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2010 President's Awards Gala Go for the Gold

December 1, 2010
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Understanding Concrete Properties that may Cause You Grief

February 2009
Presented by Peter Waisanen, P.Eng.
Concrete Floors (1.1MB)

Sustainable Precast Concrete

January 2009
LEED - Thermal Mass
John R. Fowler, P.Eng.. President Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute
"Building Green = Sustainable Precast Concrete?" (3.7MB)

Are they the Achilles Heel of the Building Envelope?

November 2008
Sealant Showdown at Humber (1.5MB)

Joint meeting OBEC, CSC, AATO - "The Green Dream... Fact or Fiction?"

April 16, 2008 - Green Dream Seminar Presentations

Lessons from the past, Lessons for the future…
Paul Sandori & Sandra Burnell - view/download presentation (2.3MB)

Greenwash & Eco-Bling Versus The Challenge of Sustainability
Dr. Ted Kesik, P.Eng. - view/download presentation (7.1MB)

The Green Dream is Already Here
Stephen Pope, OAA, MRAIC - view/download presentation (0.8MB)

Housing & Communities
Mark Salerno, MRAIC - view/download presentation (4.7MB)

Green Dream: Fact or Fiction
Katrina Miller - view/download presentation (0.3MB)

Introducing OBEC Corporate Members