November 21, 2022 - OBEC News

OBEC - Call for Volunteers

Are you interested in joining one of OBEC’s Committees?

The Ontario Building Envelope Council (OBEC) has been bridging the gaps amongst the architectural, engineering, research, manufacturers, and construction communities since 1987. OBEC addresses today's challenges facing building performance and sustainability. 

If you would like to get involved, please email info@obec.on.ca indicating which committee you would be interested in participating on.

If you have participated on a committee in the past year and would like to remain involved on that committee, please let us know.

Awards & Scholarships Committee

Roles & Responsibilities
The Scholarship & Awards Committee is responsible for setting guidelines and process, and recommending winners to the OBEC Board of Directors for approval, for the following awards and scholarships:

Codes & Standards Committee

Roles & Responsibilities
The OBEC Codes & Standards Committee is responsible to ensure OBEC is updated regularly on developments in building codes and promotes the Council as the expert on codes as they apply to building science.

Communications Committee

Roles & Responsibilities
The OBEC Communications Committee oversees the development of OBEC’s magazine ‘Pushing the Envelope (PTE)’.  

This Committee also provides input regarding other forms of communications such as e-blasts and emails sent to the OBEC membership. The Communications committee is the avenue through which OBEC communicates to its members and beyond.

Education Committee

Roles & Responsibilities
The OBEC Education Committee administers education programs in building science for the benefit of the building envelope/science community. The Education Committee will oversee the OBEC Student Chapters created by Ontario University and Colleges for students pursuing a career in Building Science.

Events Committee

Roles & Responsibilities
The OBEC Events Committee is responsible for overseeing OBEC’s events. The committee provides support in the areas of location selection, logistics, volunteers, and programs. The committee is responsible to ensure the events are carried out in a manner that is consistent with OBEC’s mission.

Membership Committee

Roles & Responsibilities
The OBEC Membership Committee is responsible for monitoring and implementing means to increase membership in OBEC.  

Sponsorship Committee

Roles & Responsibilities
The OBEC Sponsorship Committee is responsible for implementing sponsorship programs for OBEC events as means to help offset event costs.