OBEC Student Chapters

Join or form an OBEC Student Chapter to expand your knowledge of building science, gain leadership experience and network with the industry leaders. Your involvement with OBEC could also help you become eligible for an OBEC Academic scholarship award which includes a monetary prize, complimentary membership in OBEC for one year, and a one-year mentorship by a building science professional who is a member of OBEC, including guidance on technical issues and career advice.  Your OBEC student membership would also provide you with free digital access to the past editions of Pushing the Envelope magazine, and webinars on topic of building science. 

Here are the necessary steps to form a new OBEC Student Chapter:

  1. Become an OBEC member -  If you are attending a recognized building science, architectural, engineering or construction program at a college or university program full time, you can apply to become an OBEC student member. Click here to join OBEC.
  2. Find a Faculty Advisor - The OBEC Student Chapter will need a faculty advisor who is a member of OBEC. If the advisor has never been a member of OBEC, OBEC will provide a FREE one-year OBEC membership.
  3. Sign an organizing petition - An organizing petition signed by at least 5 OBEC Student Members and a Faculty Advisor is required to form a student chapter. Click here for the organizing petition. 
  4. Submit your petition to the OBEC Board of Directors (Education Committee Chair) for review and approval. Click here to submit your petition.

OBEC student chapter guidelines:

Composition and meetings

Events and seminars

Awards and scholarships

OBEC Committee membership

OBEC’s right to disband Student Chapter: