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Building Inspector - Thermography Specialist

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Company Legal Name:


Company Operating Name: QEA Tech

Business Address:
48 Riviera Drive, Markham, ON, L3R5M1, Canada

Contact: Sherry Geramikhosh

Title of the Position:

Building Inspector - Thermography Specialist

NOC: 22233 – Construction Inspectors (“Building Inspector”)

Job Duties:

The Building Inspector- Thermography Specialist will be critical to our company’s ability to improve building efficiency by conducting detailed building inspections to assess performance, developing energy audit reports using thermography and specialized software, reporting on improvements related to cost and energy savings and ensure specifications for optimal efficiency are met.

Additional duties include but are not limited to:

-Conducting visual and infrared (“IR”) inspections to identify imperfections in the building envelope.
-Using IRT drones post-preliminary visual and IR inspection, to collect more accurate data that emphasizes and details any issues identified (using thermography technology).
-U-Value measurements using Testo 635-2 device and Testo Comfort Software.
-Conducting energy audit operations by piloting IRT drones to scan buildings and collect data using thermal cameras compatible with drones for further analysis.
-Generating measurable 3D models of buildings using specific drones and software.
-Using technical expertise in thermal image processing and quantification using QEATECH's software and other specialized tools.
-Analyzing collected data using QEATECH’s suite of software and other relevant tools to
identify building envelope imperfections, energy loss sources, and the amount of energy loss.
-Conducting quantitative and qualitative reporting on various aspects of the building inspections, such as energy efficiency, and QEATECH’s quality standards
-Providing details of Class D costing to notify customers about potential cost savings that would result from increasing their building's energy efficiency.
-Building elements recognition and evaluation based on inspection results
-Actively participating in R&D projects related to emissivity measurements and U-value calculations of building envelope materials.
-Designing and executing experiments to validate theoretical formulas prior to being added to the company’s software
-Processing data collected from experiments using Minitab.
-Managing document control, deliverables, and activity tracking for R&D projects.
-Serving as an operation liaison with clients and monitoring project deliverables and timeframes to ensure successful project completion.
-Conducting document control and deliverable activity tracking
-Developing overall inspection reports and thermal building condition assessments incorporating thermal analysis to identify hidden issues such as internal cracks that are detectable by utilizing IR cameras and inspection tools.
-Designing and building other tools to improve data collection and reduce negative impacts on buildings’ energy usage and overall efficiency.

Reporting Directly to: Operation Manager

Terms of Employment: Permanent Position. Full time work at 40 hours per week.

Language of Employment: English will be the primary language.

Wage:Base salary of $35 CAD per hour. In addition to base salary, candiate will be eligible for consideration for bonus and additional remuneration from time to time, dependent on the candiate’s performance and fully at the company’s discretion.

Benefits Package: The Candiate will be entitled to participate in the companys employee benefit programs (“Benefits Plan”).

Vacation: Candiate entitled to all Ontario public holidays and, in addition, o two (2) weeks paid vacation per calendar year provided that the paid vacation days will accrue porportionaety over each monh of active employment.

Location: QEATECH Offices at: 48 Riviera Drive, Markham, ON, L3R5M1, Canada. Candiate will also be required to travel to our client building sites throughout Canada (except Quebec) to conduct inspections.

Work Experience - Requirements

-At least 1 year of work experience as a building or construction inspector
-At least 1 year of experience working with thermal imaging in the professional context
-At least six months of experience piloting drones for the use of scanning in building inspection or similar contexts scanning large areas

Skills Requirements:

-Proficiency in the operation of thermal cameras
-In-depth undersanding of thermal image processing and quantification
-In-depth understanding of IR radiation blocking
-Must have experience with 3D Modelling and relevant software, such as FLIR Tools
-Must have knowledge of building codes and regulations
-Must have strong communication skills and ability to speak with clients
-Experience in R&D related to building science is a plus
-Experience in data analysis using Minitab is a plus


-Completion of at least a College Diploma in Civil Engineering or a related area of the enginering field is required


-Certification as a Thermographer (at least level 1) Required
-Advanced Drone Pilot Certificate Required

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