University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies (SCS), SCS seeks to engage instructors in the following specializations of building science:

Minimum Qualifications

Applicants must possess an undergraduate degree from an accredited university, a minimum of  5 to 10 years’ experience in subject matter area, and must be currently actively engaged in a relevant Building Science/ Building Envelope Systems field.  Applicants should be comfortable with technology and learning new technology tools for education – prior experience teaching online is not mandatory.

Preferred Qualifications

Master`s degree in the area of expertise.  Prior teaching experience with adult learners or with adult learning pedagogy either online or face- to- face is considered an asset. Familiarity with the Building Science Specialist of Ontario (BSSO) learning objectives, and/or BSSO designation is preferred but not required.

Remuneration Model: SCS follows a sliding scale of compensation. Starting at a minimum of $ 95.0 (plus vacation pay per) per teaching hour, remuneration increases with enrollment to 25% share of total fees. This is a contractual position. A contract is awarded per semester and per course section on an as-needed basis.

Job Description

Instructors are responsible for adhering to "best practices" in adult learning, online instruction (if applicable) and delivery of course content.

Instructors should demonstrate and maintain expertise in their topic areas outlined above.

Instructors are required to adhere to course objectives and course syllabi. The instructor will make use of the approved textbooks and electronic/web resources and maintain consistency in grading and evaluation procedures.

The instructor will provide timely posting of discussion comments and responses (online), timely feedback on assignments and posting of course grades (online and face to face).The expectation is that student inquiries be addressed within a reasonable and specified period.

Instructors will actively participate in the learning experience, and engage with their learners regarding course content via email discussion board forums, chat, document sharing, web conferencing, etc.

Instructors will complete orientation training and participate in scheduled webinars or professional development activities as required.

 Specific duties and responsibilities:

  • Teach material from the approved curriculum in accordance with assigned course textbooks and syllabi.
  • Motivate learners to participate in all aspects of the educational process, including but not limited to threaded class discussions, outside assignments/projects, research, enrichment activities, etc.
  • Maintain online asynchronous or synchronous communication with learners to assist them in achieving course objectives.
  • Respond in a clear and well-expressed manner to learners and SCS administration regarding questions and inquiries within 48 hours barring exigencies.
  • Provide regular, accurate, and timely learner-specific assistance, feedback and support to learners relative to their performance.
  • Actively monitor and document individual learner progress and provide mediation and direction as needed. Grades to be posted in a timely manner with feedback to assist learners in understanding course materials and improving future assignments.
  • Grades and graded assessments to be made available to the learner within 10 business days of submission.
  • Keep archives of learner work and correspondences.
  • Communicate with learners and SCS staff by email and telephone as needed.
  • Assist the Program Director in the School with the evaluation of courses taught, for the purpose of continuous quality improvement, and enhance the learning experience.
  • Assist with the ongoing updates and revision of course syllabi, selection of textbooks, resource materials and other teaching aids.
  • Participate in professional development activities as needed to maintain required designations.
  • Submit final course outlines, materials and other logistical requests to the Program Administrator at least 3-4 weeks before the course start date.

Application & Selection Process:

Please send an email, indicating your expertise and interest to the following. Include a professional Bio or Resume. A telephone and a face-to-face meeting will be scheduled with shortlisted applicants. Applications are welcome on an ongoing basis for Fall 18, Winter 19 and Summer 19 terms.

Salman Kureishy | Program Director, Business & Professional Programs;;
Phone: 416-946-8454.


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