After years of preaching by building scientists, engineers, and construction professionals alike, there is a general agreement within the industry that an airtight building envelope is a critical success factor for reduced energy consumption, durability, and occupant comfort. Current industry practice is to simply guess the air leakage rate without ever testing for verification, but as we plan for the future of net-zero buildings this critical energy factor needs to be controlled. The problem seems to lie in the implementation of the testing since it’s a relatively new process to the industry.  Airtightness tests can be difficult to implement due to construction scheduling constraints, occupancy schedules, the size and complexity of the building, and external factors, such as temperature and wind.  To ensure that your testing is successful and valuable data is collected, there must be integrated efforts from various parties engaged on a project. This presentation will discuss the integration of airtightness testing on large and complex buildings based on years of experiences with our boots on the ground.


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Austin Todd, MBSc, REA

Austin, founder of Evergreen Building Science Inc., is a building science sustainability enthusiast. His knowledge in construction and energy efficient buildings comes from a decade of formal education and hand-on experience. Before starting a career in building science, he worked in construction both as a labourer and in management, learning the ins and outs of the industry. Austin holds a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from George Brown College and a Masters degree in Building Science from Ryerson University. His graduate research was focused on guarded airtightness testing to quantifying air leakage through party walls in Toronto homes (fun stuff, right?). Upon graduating from Ryerson he co-founded CoEfficient Building Science and most recently founded Evergreen Building Science – a building science consulting firm with a focus on large building and guarded airtightness testing, building envelope diagnostics, and general consulting to help advance standard industry practices. 

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