High-Rise Residential Buildings –Current Challenges and Future Solutions

October 14, 2020 -


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Multi-Unit residential buildings (MURBs) are a key feature of Ontario’s urban environment, but they do come with unique challenges. In this webinar, a summary of three research projects from the University of Toronto’s Building Energy and Indoor Environment Lab will be presented. The first presentation focuses on a new retrofit strategy for post-war MURBs that are heated with hydronic baseboards, where baseboards from multiple suites are grouped under a single thermostatic control valve to minimize retrofit costs, while still saving energy and improving thermal comfort for residents.

The second presentation focuses on new interzonal air tightness testing data, which provides important details on how suite compartmentalization is assessed in contemporary MURBs, and how current testing methods may be insufficient, depending on the construction type.

The final presentation focuses on of the use of smart thermostats in contemporary MURBs for suite-HVAC control, building system diagnostics, and as a method to better understand occupant behaviours and (dis)comfort. These projects will provide OBEC members with a deeper understanding of leading-edge research into MURBs, and a host of potential solutions that can improve existing and future buildings.




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Event qualifies for 1 BSS Credit | 1 OAA Core Learning Hours

Post Webinar Discussion

6:00 to 7:00 p.m.

(When you register for the Technical Session you will be sent the zoom details as you will need to logout of the webinar and join the zoom call after.)


Discussion Group Topic:



  1. What areas did the team investigate to assess the impact of their strategies? What other areas would you suggest?
  2. What are the three main takeaways that stood out to you from the presentation?
  3. The presenters talked about some envelope retrofit options, passive strategies as well as mechanical system upgrades. Which of these options are new to you? Which of these options would you consider using on your projects?
  4. How are some of the strategies that the team discussed related to your own work/practice? Provide examples of projects where you have used these strategies and discuss their effectiveness.
  5. How do you think climate change will influence old MURBs renovation vs new construction plans? Energy-Use in contemporary and old MURBs?
  6. What are the implications of Crowd-Sourced Control strategies for the retrofit in contemporary and post-war MURB heating systems?
  7. What are the benefits of introducing Inter-Zonal Air Tightness into Newly constructed MURBs?
  8. How does the Impact of Passive Approaches reduce the Overheating in post-war MURBs?

BSS holders, will be given 1 credit for attendance.