Pushing the Envelope: Innovation in roofing Systems and Services

April 28, 2015 -
Presented by:
When: Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Time: Registration/Lunch: Noon - 1pm
Each demo will last approximately 30 minutes
Where: Tremco Roofing & Building Maintenance
50 Beth Nealson Drive
Toronto, ON
M4H 1M6
Cost: Complimentary Event

The unique AlphaGuard BIO system is a two-component, moisture-triggered roofing and waterproofing system with high bio-based content that solves numerous roofing needs, including restoring BUR, MB and single ply roofs; restoring structural concrete; installations on vegetated and IRMA roofs; new construction; and as a liquid flashing membrane. With its extremely low odour, ease of application and rapid curing, the AlphaGuard BIO system is excellent for use in highly sensitive areas, such as hospitals and schools, and in areas where access is difficult.

AlphaGuard PUMA is a high-performance, two-component, two-coat, polyurethane modified methyl methacrylate roof coating for new roofing systems. With an extremely fast cure time of 20-25 minutes and the ability to be applied in sub-freezing temperatures, AlphaGuard PUMA provides a durable, waterproof surface under challenging weather conditions and tight new construction schedules.

Permaroof GWS is a moisture cure, one part gun-grade silicone sealant with self-leveling characteristics primarily intended to repair cracks, splits and fractures in BUR and MB roof membranes, in a single-layer application, without the need for additional reinforcing fabrics. This fast, labour-saving way to prevent moisture intrusion can also be used on joints and on concrete and metal surfaces.

DriSuit Spray-Applied Roof Sealer is formulated with a premium grade of thermoplastic resin and fast- evaporating solvents to dry within minutes of application, forming a tight elastomeric waterproofing seal that effectively stops leaks and provides long-term protection from UV degradation. Excellent low-temperature flexibility, long-term UV stability, low water absorption, fantastic adhesion to various substrates with water-clear transparency and resistance to staining make it suitable for repairing all sorts of roofs including BUR, metal and single ply as well as masonry and concrete walls.

SkyBEAM™ (Building Envelope Asset Mapping) is a groundbreaking program that uses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) equipped with high-resolution thermographic and video cameras to help building owners and design professionals identify and locate deficiencies within the roof, façade, and building envelope.

Tremco's innovative RoofTec roof cleaning system uses extremely powerful, non-abrasive, rotating water jets to remove dirt, mold and mildew from single ply roof surfaces, without the negative effects of power washing. Using a fraction of the water of competitive systems and almost instantly capturing any waste water, RoofTec's quiet, efficient, and environmentally sensitive operation can help maximize energy savings, roof life cycles, and roof restoration opportunities.



To register email: demos@tremco.ca