Conference History

The inaugural Canadian Conference on Building Science and Technology was held in London, Ontario in March of 1982. 

The conferences continued biannually until the 6th Conference in 1992.  These six were organized under the direction of Dr. Eric Burnett and Mr. Vlad Stritesky. 

In March of 1997 the conference (7th Conference) was re-energized under the Directorship of Mr. Hitesh Doshi and the 8th Conference was presented under the auspices of the Ontario Building Envelope Council (OBEC) in February 2001, with Dr. John Straube as Director.

At an evening session at the 8th Conference, a group of interested members discussed the future direction for the National Building Envelope Council.  Since one of the purposes of NBEC is to bring together those in the building industry from across Canada, it was determined that holding a conference as a NBEC event would encourage national contribution and participation.

BCBEC agreed to accept the opportunity to host the 9th Conference on behalf of NBEC with Mr. Dave Kayll and Mr. Dave Mathieson co-chairing.

The NBEC Conference format has since been carried forward and improved upon by the Building Envelope Council Ottawa Region's (BECOR) 10th Conference at Ottawa, Ontario in 2005 co-chaired by Mr. Duncan Hill and Mr. William Brown  and the Alberta Building Envelope Council's (ABEC) 11th Conference at Banff, Alberta in 2007 co-chaired by Mr. Mike Dietrich and Mr. Anton Vlooswyk.

The Quebec Building Envelope Council (QBEC) hosted the 12th Conference at Montreal, Quebec in 2009 co-chaired by Mr. Mario Gonçalves and Dr. Dominique Derome. Most recently, NBEC hosted the 13th Canadian Conference on Building Science and Technology in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2011.

The objectives of these thirteen Conferences on Building Science and Technology have been to:

a) Provide a forum for the presentation, discussion, documentation and sharing of relevant building science knowledge and experience for those directly involved in the building industry in Canada, and now the rest of the world.

b) Provide a focus for all stakeholders in the design, construction and operation of buildings and building enclosures such that any gaps between various groups and professions may be bridged.


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