Building Management & Operations - (Post) CoVID-19 in wake of a global pandemic

June 10, 2020 2020-06-10 2020-06-10 Building Management & Operations - (Post) CoVID-19 in wake of a global pandemic OBEC Canada America/New_York


Wednesday, June 10, 2020

What does the world of building science look like in the age of CoVID-19? Where are we at today? What will the world look like tomorrow? The answers start with accepting that a paradigm shift has occurred – and like it or not, a ‘new normal’ is upon us, a normal that demands higher regard to infectious diseases and mitigating their spread. We do this by taking proactive measures today – in all the spaces we occupy, at home, at work, eventually everywhere...

There are no silver bullets to eradicate the risks of emerging viruses and future pandemics – there is no doubt the age of CoVID-19 has forced us all to become infection control experts, each of us in our own right, in our daily lives - protecting ourselves, our families and our spaces. The mindset of a post CoVID-19 world means being prepared for a 2nd, or even 3rd wave of the virus spreading through various communities, notwithstanding the timeline of viable vaccines...

Our collective responsibility as building science practitioners means we have to understand the challenges for building operators and the spaces they manage. The reality is you can’t control the people who interact within the spaces you manage, beyond physical distancing – and the truth is – spaces don’t physically distance us, we distance within them. Building operators have a responsibility (a solemn duty) to protect employees, customers, and ultimately our community at large to keep our spaces protected from infectious agents. That starts with executing new policies and procedures designed specifically for this newly heightened objective, using means and methods that are sanctioned/approved by Health Canada.

Kevin Day (yeah, the cladding guy as you know him, and past recipient of the Beckie) will outline requirements toward a safe post-CoVID-19 world, notwithstanding the caveats cited above – the clear mission he will outline is addressing the four most critical steps: 1) Clean, 2) Disinfect, 3) Protect, and 4) Validate... In particular, the importance of using the right products and methods, with trained/certified technicians, with tangible quality assurance...

Speaker: Kevin Day

Widely respected for his building science expertise, Kevin Day is a champion of best practices for building construction and management. A frequent lecturer, he's often called upon to share his experience and insight on exterior cladding, fenestration and sealant systems. During his tenures at both Halsall & Morrison Hershfield, Kevin managed numerous building renewal projects and provided technical opinions for litigation and dispute resolution. In 2014, the Ontario Building Envelope Council (OBEC) bestowed Kevin with the "Beckie" award for his career contributions in the field of building science. Kevin is currently president of Krisro Architectural, and he's affiliated with Sense Engineering, providing technical advisory services.


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