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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Examining the Use of Mineral Fibre Insulation to Assist the
Ventilation Drying of Solid Masonry Walls
Speaker: David Wach 

Following favourable drying results obtained in field studies carried out on internally insulated historic masonry buildings in Toronto, Ontario, laboratory investigations examining the potential for mineral fibre insulation to assist ventilation drying were undertaken. This presentation will describe the results of testing that revealed the ventilation drying potential of mineral fibre insulation.

IAQ and Energy Implications of High Efficiency Filters in Residential
Speaker: Masih Alavy 

This project focuses on understanding how filters of different efficiencies and media perform in residential settings. Emphasis is placed on evaluating the particulate matter (PM) reduction impacts and the energy consequences of high efficiency filters in residential buildings.

Achieving a Cost-effective, Low Carbon Housing Stock in Ontario
Speaker: Christina Ismailos 

A combined energy modelling and costing analysis demonstrates a strategy for bringing new single-family home construction to low carbon performance. The technical findings are examined through a larger policy framework, wherein energy savings could be monitored to define actual progress towards Ontario's de-carbonization targets.

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